About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Hi! I'm the owner of Superlative Cinema. My name is Jonathan and my second shooter's names are Justin and Isaac. We operate out of the midwest but love to travel. My passion is to tell stories through videography. I'd like to say I learned from the best. Not only from incredible teachers in college who inspired me to do wedding films but also from great online mentors, creators and filmmakers. Weddings are my favorite type of event to film. There are love stories to be told in every wedding along with memories to be captured through the magic of video. When we were younger my brother always got me into fun things like the world of Go Pros and drones. My family has always been into home video ever since my dad got a VHS shoulder cam. The combination of that and my hopeless romantic side fit me perfectly as a wedding filmmaker. To me videography brings so many different elements together. That is why I am passionate about it. My hope for your wedding video aside from creating an epic movie from the event is that you look back on it, whether it be years later or decades later, and remember all of the feelings you had at that time in your life. All of the memories. All of the love.